About Us

Through our full service Customer Oriented Management Philosophy (COMPetitive), HEC Feedyard LLC is able to provide you with the following services:

Cattle Sorting – Incoming cattle are sexed and sorted into groups that will finish together.  HEC has pens that will hold from 10 to 400 head of cattle.  No computer can see the cattle like the “eye of the master”.  This is why each animal in each pen is individually evaluated for finish and marketability.  HEC will sort and market from 1 to 120 head out of each pen in order to maximize cattle performance.

Cattle Kill Information – HEC tracks and shares kill information with customers in order to help each customer better manage his buying or breeding programs.

Quality Control of Feed Ingredients – Each and every load of feed ingredients coming into HEC Feedyard LLC is quality control tested in order to insure the customer is getting the best ingredients for his money.

Consulting Vet – HEC works closely with its consulting vet who develops treatment and processing protocols and reviews animal health performance of the yard.

Consulting  Nutritionist – HEC relies on a professional to formulate the cattle rations.  The nutritionist not only formulates rations, but reviews lab assays on rations and feed ingredients to insure premixes and rations are being properly mixed.

Quality Facilities – HEC is proud of its facilities and works to maintain and improve them.

24 Hour Service – HEC Feedyard  is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive cattle.

Experienced Personnel – HEC’s greatest asset is its people.  HEC is proud to have an experienced, friendly staff that is here to serve your needs.